Anti-Bias in Hiring


We believe a key lever to rooting out inequity in the workplace is to implement hiring practices that intentionally mitigate bias. This course is designed to support your HR leaders, hiring teams, and staff to recognize the science of bias and the ways in which it leads to disparate outcomes in hiring. This course will also provide tools and resources for creating more equitable hiring practices and help your staff commit to actions that will disrupt and mitigate bias in hiring.

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Course Dates & Details

  • This course is a completely self-paced and self-directed experience, meaning you can complete the course on your own schedule and timeline. You will have access to all materials for one year from the time of purchase. 


What you will learn

  • How social, cultural, and racial identity and bias play out in hiring 

  • How to identify your own biases that may impact hiring 

  • Tools to debias the hiring process

  • How to develop an action plan for mitigating bias in hiring practices


What's Included

  • 7 asynchronous learning module with approximately 30 hours of learning content

  • An action planning template and tools for helping you debias hiring

  • Optional discussion guides to use with a group or cohort

  • Access to the equity practice's growing network of people committed to change their practices and behaviors to create more equitable workplaces

Time Commitment: The self-paced sessions include narrated slides, readings, videos, and reflection activities.  We estimate the self-paced sessions will take you approximately 1-2 hours each to complete. 


Who this is for

HR leaders, hiring managers and teams, and staff who are looking to create more equity in their hiring process. This course provides a combination of adaptive and technical tools that teams and individuals can use to de-bias their hiring practices. 

Our participants are committed to reflecting on and changing their  behaviors to achieve racial equity within hiring. This series will provide tools to do just that.


What this course is NOT

This course is not a racism 101 course.  To get the most out of this experience, participants should be familiar with power, privilege, oppression, and the history of race and racism in the United States. 

While this course will provide some basic concepts and building of shared language, participants should be comfortable engaging in explicit conversations about race and identity. 



$549 per person

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