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Our Services

We help leaders build liberatory cultures that allow teams to find their way back to each other so they can focus on their mission and do great work together.

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Consulting & Advisory Support

Using design principles inspired by liberatory thinkers and research, we work with you to reimagine how work is done, led, and managed.

Learning for Liberation

Liberatory workplaces challenge many of our beliefs about work and our own identities.  Our training helps people learn to interrupt these traditional beliefs and practice operating in more liberatory ways.


Restorative Support

We support teams to build the types of relationships needed for collective liberation in our workplaces - relationships that are reciprocal and increase accountability for equity and inclusion.   We offer retreats to build a trusting foundation.  When trust is eroded, we help people find their way back to each other and their commitments to reciprocal relationships and liberatory ways of working through restorative support and facilitators training.

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