Learning Opportunities

We offer training to help leaders and organizations put their vision for equity, inclusion, anti-racism, and justice into action.

Identity Lab 


Using adaptive behavior tools, we help people identify patterns of behaviors that compete with other commitments and support them to adapt their behavior to align with their vision for equity and anti-racism. This course includes monthly live virtual sessions.

Best for: Teams, Individuals*

*Limited enrollment

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Work Place
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#ThePracticeOfEquity Manager Series


The Practice of Equity Manager Series is a learning experience for managers who want to learn to lead their teams in ways that center equity and disrupts racism at work.  We created this series to share tools that help managers change their practices and behaviors so they can act in solidarity with their staff to discover new ways of working that create amazing, equitable, and inclusive workplaces.

Best for: Managers, Individuals

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Anti-Bias in Hiring Course

*NEW* Enrollment is now open!


 We envision a world where workplaces are committed to disrupting and rooting out inequity and to working in solidarity with their team to co-create an amazing work experience.  We believe one way we can do that is to implement hiring practices that intentionally mitigate bias.  This course will help you learn how to do that.  The course is a self-paced course and features optional discussion guides for group learning.

Best for: HR Leaders, Hiring Managers, Teams, Individuals*

*This course can be taken individually or as a team. Optional group discussion guides are provided for teams who are taking the course together. 

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Team Meeting



Running from March 2022 - November 2022, this series is designed to help teams learn to redesign and evolve their organizations to center equity. Leadership teams or design teams will learn about how patterns of domination and oppression may be showing up in their workplaces and then learn to create new ways of working together. Participants will be supported to move beyond conversations about race to actions that advance racial equity in their organizations. This course includes monthly sessions on Saturdays, along with group homework in between sessions.

Best for: Teams of 5-6 people

*Limited Enrollment

Divestment Strategy (Coming Soon)


A course designed for organizational leaders who are ready to take their DEI commitments to the next level. This course helps organizational leaders to think about how they may need to shift their funding or customer base to better align with the vision for diversity, equity and inclusion. Learn how to evaluate your current revenue model and develop a plan to transition your funding base to align with your vision for equity and to to align your organizational actions with your commitments to anti-racism. This course includes a blend of self-directed modules and weekly live virtual sessions.

Best for: Individuals