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Consulting & Advisory Support

We help leaders build liberatory cultures that allow teams to find their way back to each other so that they can focus on their mission and do great work together. 


Often teams feel stuck as they explore creating liberatory workplaces - a sense of "us versus them" can arise, distracting the entire team from the organizational purpose and why they joined the organization in the first place.  It doesn't have to be this way.  You can live up to the promise of a liberatory workplace and create a connected culture with practices that care for your people and allow you to focus on your mission.

We work with you to use liberatory principles to reimagine how work is done, managed, led, and rewarded.  We not only use these principles to guide the design but we also use them to guide how we work together on the project, which offers us all an opportunity to practice operating in more liberatory ways and build our capacity to disrupt patterns of domination that show up in the ways we all relate to each other at work.  

At The Equity Practice, we don't use best practices - instead we aim to design the practices that fit you best.  Our consulting and advisory support enables you to leverage research on liberatory workplaces and the wisdom of your team so you can design an approach to work that fits your vision for your team culture and how you all would like to lead together.

To learn more about how we might collaborate with you to reimagine work in your organization, please get in touch with our team to set up an exploratory call.  

Some Examples of Consulting and Advisory Projects

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