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About Us

We are a 100% female founded, operated and owned, and majority Black operated and owned company that helps organizations change the way they work so that everyone on the team can thrive.


We believe that traditional business practices are not designed to support today’s workforce. 


We work with organizations to fundamentally change the shape of how we work together - moving from a triangle of oppressive hierarchy to a circle of shared power and right relationships. 


We specialize in trainings, restorative work, and retreats to build individual and organizational capacity on principles of liberation and to build authentic, human-centered relationships with liberation and reciprocity at the center.

Who We Work With

Since the equity practice began in 2020, we’ve partnered with a variety of organizations, from growing start ups, to nonprofits, foundations, school districts, and beyond. Our partnerships are focused on people and organizations who have the will for collective liberation, and they typically  fall into three categories: people who are actively practicing collective liberation; people who want to practice collective liberation but have not yet started; or people who are curious about practicing collective liberation, but fear holds them back. ​Our business is different from many DEI consulting firms, in that we are focused on moving beyond conversations about race to being able to take ACTION for racial equity using liberatory principles to guide our work. Our training and restorative support helps teams to co-create how they want to work together by redesigning team norms, values, policies, and practices and deciding how they will hold each other accountable for creating a work environment where everyone can thrive.  

Our Team

Who We Are

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Alli Myatt

Co-Founder & Consultant

I am an entrepreneur, a consultant, a creator of human centered, liberatory work environments, and abundance-reveler.  I believe most work best practices extract and cause harm because they diminish and separate us, inspire fear, create inequity and exclusion, keeping us from being able to do our best work. I believe embracing liberatory principles to design our talent practices can help us to change the shape of how we work together, moving away from the triangle of top down hierarchy and control and moving towards the circle of human connection and shared power.  I am called to help organizations to redesign their work practices so everyone can thrive.  I am obsessed with discovering  how we might eliminate extraction and oppression  from our workplaces so we might  infuse liberation and solidarity into our work environments instead.


I co-founded The Equity Practice, a racial equity consulting firm that supports organizations to infuse liberatory principles into their talent  practices  so everyone can thrive.  I have over two decades of experience advising over 150 teams and organizations to reimagine their work practices.   I have studied organizational development, racial equity, human connection and belonging, and am certified in several restorative practices. I have been  published in Harvard Business Review and have been featured as a speaker at SXSW and in Diversity Woman Magazine. I have worked at The Bridgespan Group, Teach For America, and other nonprofits, and hold a Bachelor's degree from Cornell University and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business. 


Courtney Tungate

Co-Founder & Consultant

I am a founder, a human-centered talent and people operations leader, and a change resistant change navigator. I believe that human centered work places are possible when we are willing to see each other's shared humanity. When we are authentic with ourselves, we unlock the power to be in true connection with others. And to be in true connection with others is itself an anchor - one that gives us permission to show up as ourselves and weather the storms together. It also gives us strength and endurance to manage conflicts, repair harms, and restore together. I have come to believe that neutrality is a harmful space to occupy. While I used to value and strive for diplomacy, I now know that neutrality is a direct line to complicity - that to take no action is itself an action, and one that will continue to uphold systems of oppression.

I co-founded The Equity Practice in 2020. Prior to that, I spent my early career working in higher education, before joining Teaching Trust, an education non-profit, where I led recruitment, staffing, people operations, and other talent practices to support a more equitable and inclusive work environment. I ‘ve been featured as a speaker at SXSW, selected as an Education Pioneers Emerging Human Capital Leaders Initiative fellow, and am SHRM-CP certified. I hold an MPA in Education Policy and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from The University of Oklahoma.

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