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Our Framework for Change

This framework builds from the work of critical race theorists to practice collective liberation


We work to see how traditional work practices and beliefs, at both individual and systemic levels, contribute to extraction and injustice.  One of the reasons racial inequity persists is that we’ve all been conditioned not to see it - it operates at a subconscious level.  We believe the first step to changing is building the capacity to see the ways we individually and collectively hold up systems of oppression.


We help people identify what is causing racial inequity.  What actions, processes, behaviors and practices contribute?  What mindsets related to race and identity hold us back? This step helps people identify the organizational practices and policies and individual mindsets and behaviors that reinforce patterns of oppression at work. 



We work together to create new practices and ways of working to better serve our collective humanity and vision for racial equity.  We build relationships using the liberatory principles of shared power, self-determination. solidarity, and abundant care. This step centers relationships, community, and the belief that equity requires us all to work together towards our collective liberation. 

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We work together to practice new ways of working and new mindsets to move toward individual and collective accountability. We help you reflect, learn, and iterate along the journey. We help you and your team develop the rituals you need to practice and to understand ongoing needs for collective liberation. 

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