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Manager Training & Development for Organizations

We build manager capacity to lead, manage, and work in liberatory ways.

Research shows that managers can make or break team experience. How managers manage has the potential to create an equitable team culture or destroy it. We know you are invested in supporting your managers to manage well. We also know if you’re part of a small team, you may not have the time to build out manager support and development. Here’s where we can help. We offer manager training that can help your managers learn to manage in more equitable ways.

Manager Vision of Excellence


Designed to support managers to co-create an organizational manager vision of excellence based on leading research, ideation, and feedback from their teams. We created this series to support managers to live into their vision for management in ways that center equity and liberation.

Best for: Manager Cohorts

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#ThePracticeOfEquity Manager Series


Designed to support your managers to lead their teams in ways that center equity and disrupts racism at work. We created this series to share tools that help managers change their practices and behaviors so they can act in solidarity with their staff to discover new ways of working that create equitable and inclusive workplaces. This course includes a blend of self-directed modules and weekly live virtual sessions.

Best for: Manager Cohorts

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Power & Solidarity Lab


Designed for teams who are looking to deepen their commitment to equity through their actions and behaviors. Often when embarking on diversity, equity, and inclusion and anti-racism work, people find their actions do not always align with their values. The Power & Solidarity Lab is an opportunity to slow down and explore what holds us back and disrupt our own patterns. Using adaptive behavior tools, we can help your staff identify patterns of behaviors that compete with other commitments and support them to adapt their behavior to align with their vision for equity and anti-racism. This course includes monthly live virtual sessions and coaching.

Best for: Leadership Teams, Organizational Teams

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Power Aware Series


Designed for managers to learn to lead in power-aware ways. This series focuses specifically on fostering psychological safety, inclusive decision making, effective feedback, and restorative accountability. Each focus
area will have two sessions with intersession for self-observation and practice.

Best for: Manager Cohorts

Competencies for Liberation


Designed to articulate the manager behaviors and competencies needed to align to the organizational vision for equity and liberation; Managers will leverage team feedback to assess their strengths and areas of development, practice using tools to manage in aligned ways, and create a personal action plan for development

Best for: Manager Cohorts

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Rituals for Liberation Retreat


The Rituals for Liberation Retreat is designed for leaders who are committed to infusing liberatory principles into their organizations. Join us for this 4  day retreat experience where you will get intensive, guided support to design liberatory practices in 3 areas:

  • Liberated People: Practices to hire the right people who are aligned with your vision for liberation and support their ongoing learning and development

  • Liberated Practices:  Practices that govern how work happens through performance management in ways that share power and support collective liberation

  • Liberated Relationships: Practices that support the team to operate through accountability and solidarity  so that they can co-create and work well together

Best for: Leadership Teams, Organizational Design Teams, Teams that are ready to co-create together

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Anti-Bias in Hiring Course

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 We envision a world where workplaces are committed to disrupting and rooting out inequity and to working in solidarity with their team to co-create an amazing work experience.  We believe one way we can do that is to implement hiring practices that intentionally mitigate bias.  This course will help you learn how to do that.  The course is a self-paced course and features optional discussion guides for group learning.

Best for: HR Leaders, Hiring Managers, Hiring Teams

*Organizational licensing available. Optional group discussion guides are provided for teams who are taking the course together. 

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Customized Training & Implementation Support

Implementation Support for Accountability.* We offer optional add-on support available to add on to any manager training; we work with your talent leaders to identify ways to reinforce learning by incorporating new rituals into existing accountability and work management systems and structures (e.g., PM system, communications, check-ins, meetings)

  • *Implementation Support can be added to the following trainings: #ThePracticeOfEquity Manager Series, Manager Vision of Excellence, Power Aware Series, Competencies for Liberation. 

In addition to our courses, we offer tailored training and learning options, depending on client specific needs. If you are interested in bringing training to your organization, please reach out to our team, and we can work with you to design and deliver a customized training suite.

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