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Power & Solidarity Lab

Formerly called The Identity Lab, The Power & Solidarity Lab is designed for teams who are looking to deepen their commitment to equity through their actions and behaviors. Often when embarking on diversity, equity, and inclusion and anti-racism work, people find their actions do not always align with their values. The Power & Solidarity Lab is an opportunity to slow down and explore what holds us back and disrupt our own patterns. Using adaptive behavior tools, we can help your staff identify patterns of behaviors that compete with other commitments and support them to adapt their behavior to align with their vision for equity and anti-racism. This course includes monthly live virtual sessions and coaching.

Work Place

“The Identity Lab is an essential part of any individual, team, and/or organizational DEI developmental endeavor. Alli and the team are skilled leaders and facilitators with peerless knowledge, insight, and practical experience. The Identity Lab experience strikes an impactful balance of meaningful individual reflection with powerful group engagement, all while productively advancing participants through a series of activities and experiments that challenge and promote real progress and learning.”

Course Details

This course series is a combination of monthly live online classes with coaching and assignments in between sessions.

What you will learn

  • How social, cultural, and racial identity shapes our behaviors and practices

  • How to identify “competing commitments” that create barriers and prevent actions aligned with vision

  • Tools to “unhook” from patterns connected to competing commitments 

  • How to act in ways that are aligned with vision for diversity, equity, and inclusion

What's Included

  • 4 live, monthly 5-hour online sessions  

  • 1:1 Coaching with the Instructor (1 hour each month)

  • Access to a growing network of people committed to change their practices and behaviors to create more equitable workplaces

Time Commitment: In addition to live sessions and coaching, there will be pre-work and assignments before each session. Each session supports you and your goal to change your behavior, which will require daily actions. You should carve out at least 30 minutes a day to get the most out of the course.

Who this is for

Teams who are looking to better align their actions with their intentions. The Power & Solidarity Lab will help you identify your personal barriers to values-aligned action and provides strategies for overcoming those barriers.


Our participants are committed to reflecting on and changing their  behaviors to achieve racial equity and improve inclusion and belonging at their organizations. This series will provide tools to do just that.

What this course is NOT

This course is not a racism 101 course.  To get the most out of this experience, participants should be familiar with power, privilege, oppression, and the history of race and racism in the United States. 

Participants will be discussing and examining their own racial and cultural background, power, and privileges. 

This course also assumes that those who chose to participate believe that race and social cultural identity plays a role on how people experience work, and that racial bias leads to disparate outcomes for Black, Indigenous, and other staff of color. 

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