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Our Services

Relationship Building

We support organizations to infuse the four principles of liberation into their relationships at work. 


We design and facilitate team experiences that help teams to co-create how they want to work together by redesigning team norms, values, policies, and practices and deciding how they will hold each other accountable for creating a work environment where everyone can thrive.

Restorative Experiences

Reimagining workplaces for racial equity requires strong relationships and trust.  As organizations work to disrupt patterns of oppression, past and current harms can be illuminated, and people can lose trust in their peers and the organization.  We work with teams to build authentic relationships that create a sense of shared humanity and collective responsibility for restoration and accountability. We offer restorative sessions and trainings to build restorative practices within organizations. 

Laughing Work Colleagues

Curated Learning

We offer curated learning experiences through trainings, workshops, and retreat experiences to help leaders and organizations create a workplace that centers relationships - through reciprocity, sharing power, vulnerability, solidarity, and abundant care  - so that everyone can thrive.

Team Meeting
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