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Our Services


We support organizations to go beyond conversations about race to taking actions for racial equity. 

Talent Practice Redesign

Work practices are more than the written down policies and procedures.  Often informal practices and behaviors lead to inequity.  Our talent practice redesign explores the explicit and implicit policies and practices and reimagines them so that all your team can thrive.

Team Development

Reimagining workplaces for racial equity requires strong relationships and trust.  As organizations work to disrupt patterns of oppression, past and current harms can be illuminated, and people can lose trust in their peers and the organization.  We work with teams to build authentic relationships that create a sense of shared humanity and collective responsibility for restoration and accountability.


Organizational Training & Workshops

Customized virtual or in person training to help leaders and organizations put their vision for equity, inclusion, anti-racism, and justice into action.

Team Meeting

Individual & Team Courses

Asynchronous and blended courses ready to support learners in talent, people management, and leadership roles.

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