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Rituals for Liberation Retreat

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Rituals for Liberation Retreat


Coming Fall 2024

Business best practices cause harm because they are designed for extraction, exploitation, domination, and control.  These practices lead to inequity, oppression, feelings of isolation and inferiority, and do not allow us to do our best work.


What if our business practices centered freedom and our humanity instead?


Liberatory practices are practices that change the shape of how we work together - moving from a triangle of oppressive hierarchy to a circle of shared power and right relationships.  


Liberatory practices are reciprocal instead of extractive. 

Liberatory practices center our humanity and connection instead of separating us.

Liberatory practices are grounded in a sense of ease, abundance, and care instead of scarcity and exploitation.   


Letting go of business best practices and embracing liberatory practices instead frees us and allows us to connect, build relationships, and do good work together.

We are launching the Rituals for Liberation Retreat to support organizational leaders and teams who are invested in reciprocity, solidarity, and liberation, and who are ready to redesign their organization to implement liberatory practices focused on these three areas:

  • Liberated People: Practices to hire the right people who are aligned with your vision for liberation and support their ongoing learning and development

  • Liberated Practices:  Practices that govern how work happens through performance management in ways that share power and support collective liberation.

  • Liberated Relationships: Practices that support the team to operate through accountability and solidarity  so that they can co-create and work well together.


What's Included

A 4.5 day in-person retreat brining leaders and teams together to redesign their organizational practices for liberation. Participants will:

  • Learn liberated design principles to focused on liberated people, practices, and relationships

  • Apply our framework to self-diagnose patterns of dominance and oppression that can show up in organizational practices

  • Practice using case studies and design sprints to apply what they are learning to their own work 

  • Have access to peer and expert feedback through consultancies and facilitator guidance to support designing for liberation

  • Understand the barriers and what gets in the way of liberation, and ways to address these barriers

  • Walk away with a Roadmap for infusing liberatory principles into key areas of their organization's talent lifecycle, that they can immediately start implementing at their organization

The Experience

We aim to create an experience where participants feel free, loved, seen, amplified, and inspired in a nurturing and nourishing container in which to embody liberation; where leaders and teams will leave excited about the possibilities for the world they seek to create.​

We are looking for leaders and teams to be part of our inaugural cohort in 2024.  If you would like to be part of the cohort, or if you’re interested in learning more about the retreat, join our waitlist using the button below.  We’ll be circulating details to everyone who expressed interest in the near future. 

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