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the equity practice services


Equity Process & Practice Improvement

We work with teams to identify and dissect policies and practices that are leading to inequitable outcomes.  We then work with our clients to design and implement new approaches to achieve equity.

Processes and practices we can help with:

  • hiring

  • benefits

  • performance management

  • goal setting and accountability

  • decision making

  • purchasing and vendor selection

  • financial policies

  • manager development

  • team dynamics and conflict management

  • staff development

  • ... and more!

Small Office

Strategic Planning with Equity Lens

We support teams to revamp their strategic direction with an eye towards diversity, equity and inclusion.  We can help teams develop a new vision that is grounded in commitments to being anti-racist and disrupting bias.  We can help you find ways that your mission, strategy,  and core values can be more aligned with your vision for equity at your organization.

Group Students Smilling

Organizational and Culture Design

We can help you implement tools, rituals, and practices that help your team create an inclusive and equitable environment.  We approach our work by getting to know your team and listening to their ideas.  Our design process is one that centers the people most affected by the process and practice, and improves team ability to listen, incorporate multiple perspectives, and establish practices that help strengthen and restore relationships.  Strong relationships and inclusive design allow us to work with organizations and companies to disrupt inequity and co-create equity together.

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