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Our Vision

Work can be different.

We believe work can provide meaning for our lives. Work can be a place of belonging. A place where people thrive. But we know many workplaces fall short of that aspiration. Workplaces are often built on a legacy that often results in racial inequity.

We believe we can change that legacy.

We envision a world where workplaces are committed to disrupting and rooting out inequity and to working in solidarity with their team to co-create an amazing work experience. The Equity Practice can help you realize your vision for equity at work. We can help you identify what is contributing to inequitable outcomes at your organization and then work with you to create a new approach.


We work with companies ready to move BEYOND CONVERSATIONS about race to ACTIONS that support racial equity.

We help you create new ways of operating (e.g., policies, practices, culture, strategy, values, rituals... all the things that make up the HOW of work).

In a nutshell, we make equity work.

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