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Day 21 of #29LoveLettersToBlackWomen: Kristina Ashley Williams

Kristina Ashley Williams is a futurist and an educator. I came across her work, when my friend Sarah Baltazar-Pinheiro introduced us, and I learned about the work Kristina was doing with her organization Unpacking, which was an online platform for DEI that sunsetted in 2023.

Kristina says she practices resistance through radical joy, and I can see that in her project, Infinityland, which is a retreat center she is building to support the restoration of creators.

Beautiful spaces can be truly restorative and a way to practice community care. I believe these spaces can be a portal for our collective liberation. My mom tells me when I was two or three, we stayed in a nice hotel on a family trip to San Antonio. When we entered the hotel room, my eyes widened and I started dancing around the room with the joy only a toddler in their bliss place can do. My body still fills with that same joy when I travel to beautiful places and experience great service. I truly believe that we can serve each other by creating beautiful, abundant spaces for each other - that provide shelter, comfort, care, abundance, and rest. Kristina's vision for Infinityland is to do just that. "I believe that by providing a space for rest, rejuvenation, and inspiration, we can empower creators to sustain and scale their impact for the betterment of people and the planet." I can't wait to see her vision manifested.

This #BlackHistoryMonth, I'm celebrating 29 Black women who have influenced me through the ways they pursue their own liberation. Black women's work is often unrecognized and not cited, and this month I'm determined to pass out a few flowers to Black women. #Day21 #29LoveLettersToBlackWomen #GiveBlackWomenTheirFlowers

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