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Day 27 of #29LoveLettersToBlackWomen: Quinta Brunson

Quinta Brunson has built a career around being her authentic self. She has said she wanted to create content for herself and for others who didn't see themselves in the media, so that people could see people like her celebrated.

Quinta has gone from YouTube to BuzzFeed to creating the hit series Abbott Elementary, a show about an elementary school in Brunson's hometown, Philadelphia. Abbott Elementary is such a delight. It is one of the few shows Black children living in a Black neighborhood, full of joy. I appreciate that Quinta created the show to be light and funny because Black children deserve lightness and fun in their lives, and I love that we get to see that in this show.

This #BlackHistoryMonth, I'm celebrating 29 Black women who have influenced me through the ways they pursue their own liberation. Black women's work is often unrecognized and not cited, and this month I'm determined to pass out a few flowers to Black women. #Day27 #29LoveLettersToBlackWomen #GiveBlackWomenTheirFlowers

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