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Day 16 of #29LoveLettersToBlackWomen: Andrea "Philly" Walls

Andrea "Philly" Walls created the Museum of Black Joy to celebrate the non-traumatic experience of Black people in Philadelphia and to save the memories of the city she loves. As an archivist, Andrea felt called to preserve the every day history of Black communities in Philly.

I moved to Philly after college and lived there for almost a decade. And I often say it's an unappreciated gem of a city. Philly is a Black city - which I think might be the reason why some people can't see what is amazing about the place. The Museum of Black Joy is like a love letter to the Blackness of the town. Andrea is determined that the Blackness of the city will not be forgotten AND it will be celebrated for its magnificence. For Walls, centering Black joy is an act of resistance and her practice to "look for, notice, and document the daily mundane expressions of joy" is part of her own liberatory journey. I appreciate Andrea's call for us to remember and not forget who we are.

This #BlackHistoryMonth, I'm celebrating 29 Black women who have influenced me through the ways they pursue their own liberation. Black women's work is often unrecognized and not cited, and this month I'm determined to pass out a few flowers to Black women. #Day16 #29LoveLettersToBlackWomen #GiveBlackWomenTheirFlowers

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