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The Importance of Creating an Equitable Team Culture

Impact Opportunity had the chance to speak with the founders of The Equity Practice about their work and how managers play a critical role in determining work culture and mitigating bias in the workplace.

#ThePracticeOfEquity Manager Series

The Practice of Equity Manager Series is a learning experience for managers who want to learn to lead their teams in ways that center equity and disrupts racism at work.  We created this series to share tools that help managers change their practices and behaviors so they can act in solidarity with their staff to discover new ways of working that create amazing, equitable, and inclusive workplaces. New cohort starts September 9.

Identity Lab

The Identity Lab is for individuals and teams who are looking to deepen their commitment to equity through their action and behaviors. Often when embarking on diversity, equity, and inclusion and anti-racism work, people find their actions do not always align with their values. The Identity Lab is an opportunity to slow down and explore what holds us back and disrupt our own patterns. Using adaptive behavior tools, we help people identify patterns of behaviors that compete with other commitments and support them to adapt their behavior to align with their vision for equity and anti-racism.

Anti-Bias in Hiring

We believe a key lever to rooting out inequity in the workplace is to implement hiring practices that intentionally mitigate bias. This course is designed to support your HR leaders, hiring teams, and staff to recognize the science of bias and the ways in which it leads to disparate outcomes in hiring. This course will also provide tools and resources for creating more equitable hiring practices and help your staff commit to actions that will disrupt and mitigate bias in hiring.

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